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SAHCA  has secured a 25% discount for our members on the new case law research programme, JustisOne, which may be of benefit to some of you. The software was launched in 2016 and is designed by Justis – a technology company which focuses on legal research software. The programme offers new ways to analyse case law and legislation and promises to make research faster and more effective. Please find more information below which Justis have provided about the product.

About JustisOne

There are three main benefits to the service:

  1. It improves your access to case law

The UK database is the largest database of higher court reported and unreported judgments available online, with over 100 new cases added each week. By providing the judgments directly from the courts, in a fully searchable, technologically enhanced database, Justis makes thousands of otherwise hard-to-find cases easily accessible.

  1. Improves efficiency

JustisOne is the leading case citator on the market. This means they have indexed their large collection of judgments as well as reports which appear on other sites like Lexis or Westlaw, so you can use it as a portal to access these other sites more quickly.

The service has unique analysis tools which help you quickly identify leading authorities, pinpoint the most important passages of a case and visualise case relationships. The key paragraphs tool is a good example; it can show you every passage which has subsequently been cited in another judgement and tell you where it was cited and at what paragraph.

  1. Reduces risk

The cases – reported and unreported – are marked up by their editors with relationship types that allow you to see whether a judgment has been subsequently applied, overruled or distinguished. They also mark-up cases which have an impact on the interpretation of statutory provisions. This consistent classification reduces the risk of you missing an important precedent, and ensures you can reliably establish the current status of the law.

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