“The Bar often aren’t very good in the youth court – specialist solicitor-advocates are better”.

At a recent conference on Youth Justice the Vice Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association, Angela Rafferty, said while discussing advocacy in the youth courts that “The Bar often aren’t very good in the youth court – specialist solicitor-advocates are better”.

The commentary accompanying this in the Solicitors Journal said “Senior barristers routinely claim that their solicitor-advocate counterparts are inferior courtroom lawyers.  Rafferty’s comments will confirm some suspicions that the jibes are borne more from commercial fears as the Bar feels increasing competition from the growing cadre of solicitor-advocates”.

Whilst it is always welcome to have recognition for the increasing competence of solicitor-advocates and their value to the smooth operation of the courts, the comment does underline the need for good and targeted training.  Young advocates, whether barristers or solicitor-advocates, need to gain experience but it is SAHCA’s view that in particular when dealing with vulnerable people this should not be an opportunity for advocates to “cut their teeth”.  It is a credit to solicitor-advocates and the training they receive that a Vice Chairman of the Criminal Bar Association should be so supportive and complimentary.

SAHCA offers specialist training in dealing with vulnerable witnesses and family law as part of its initiative to achieve excellence in advocacy.  This training is fundamental for anyone who is intending to practice in the youth court or be involved in dealing with vulnerable witnesses.  Hopefully, the next time Ms Rafferty speaks specialist solicitor-advocates will not only be better but the best!

Solicitors Journal 15 May 2017 full article

Use of Intermediaries for child defendants – a practical guide

Published by the Youth Justice Legal Centre this is a guide to who will benefit from an intermediary, what intermediaries do and how to get one for your client.

Use of Intermediaries for child defendants

Transforming Our Courts and Tribunals System and related consultations: Message from the Lord Chief Justice and Senior President of Tribunals

This morning, together with the Lord Chancellor, we published our joint vision for the future: “Transforming Our Courts and Tribunals System”. This document sets out a strategic narrative for reform which has the full support of the senior judiciary and the Government.

For the first time, the scope of our ambition, the drivers for reform, the principles underpinning our proposals and a description of the changes which are already underway across the jurisdictions, have been summarised in one accessible place. We encourage all of you to read it.

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division ‘Care Cases – The Looming Crisis’

Sir James Munby, President of the Family Division  'Care Cases - The Looming Crisis'
"We are facing a crisis and, truth be told, we have no very clear strategy for meeting the crisis."
Read the President's view of the response required to meet the inexorable rise in care cases here.

Access to justice 'very much at risk’ – Neuberger

The increased cost and complexity of litigation coupled with the shrinking of legal aid means that access to justice is 'very much at risk', the president of the Supreme Court has said. 

DLA appoints Picón as senior partner

Global firm DLA Piper has elected its Madrid-based corporate partner Juan Picón to take over as senior partner and global co-chairman at the start of May.

Government makes £10bn pledge to cut regulation

The public spending watchdog is investigating the effectiveness of government efforts to reduce regulatory burdens imposed on businesses.

Regional firm goes for John Lewis-style shared ownership

South-west firm Stephens Scown LLP is to operate under a John Lewis-style shared-ownership model, which will see receptionists receiving the same bonus as fee-earners, it revealed today. 

DLA partner referred to SDT over 'sexist’ email scandal

A partner at global firm DLA Piper has been referred to the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal after alleged sexist email exchanges with the Premier League chief executive were leaked to the press last year.

Man who discovered Adam Johnson: Shocked and disappointed

The man who discovered Adam Johnson's football talent when he was just 12 years old has said in an interview that he is "shocked" and "disappointed" what has happened to the player.