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Since 1 November 2016  solicitors have not longer needed to complete 16 hours CPD annually. However, if you think you don't need to attend any more training courses that would be a mistake! Rather than simply attending training, solicitors now have to be able to show that they have reflected on the quality of their practice and indentified any learning and development needs with reference to the Competence Statement. You must then plan how to address your needs and knowledge gaps and then record and evaluate your activities. A declaration of compliance will be made when renewing your practising certificate and may be subject to auditing.

SAHCA training provides a comprehensive and varied training programme of advocacy training to promote excellence in advocacy and to meet the new requirements. Follow this link to reflect on your practise and be signposted to appropriate training available to satisfy the requirements of continuing competency in advocacy. You can also download a Development Plan for Advocacy for your records. All SAHCA training will also include an Evaluation of Advocacy Training for your records.

Our members receive considerable reductions on the costs of our training and events.

SAHCA is able to provide the training to members who are able to provide suitable facilities and if there is a minimum of 8 delegates. Any members who are interested in coordinating such training should contact SAHCA.

Refunds and cancellation: If you are unable to attend for any reason, we regret we cannot offer a refund. You can always send a substitute if you are unable to come. If we are forced to cancel the event for any reason we will do our best to re-arrange it, but regret we accept no liability in these circumstances.

Full payment must be made in advance of the event to secure your place.


Annual Conference: Achieving Excellence in Advocacy


Promoting excellence in advocacy is one of SAHCA's aims enshrined in the constitution. SAHCA's 2017 annual conference will provide master classes in different aspects of advocacy relevant to all advocates no matter which court is being addressed. The conference will hear from a number of Judges who were solicitor advocates as well as advocacy trainers and a voice coach with more speakers to be added.

Masterclasses in advocacy including:

  • Case theory
  • Impeachment in cross examination
  • Vulnerable witnesses
  • Expert Witnesses
  • What Judges want to hear
  • Voice coaching
  • Psychology in the courtroom

Speakers include:  HHJ Middleton-Roy,  HHJ Cooper, HHJ Bennett,  Leslie Cuthbert, Sylvia Cohen and Sophie Khan



Start Date: October 14, 2017
End Date: October 14, 2016

Start Time: 9:30 am
End Time: 4:00 pm

General Admission for one : £230.00

Members Admission : £180.00

If you're a member please login to take advantage of the discounted rate! If you're not, why not join!

Price: £230.00

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