Annual Conference: Achieving Excellence in Advocacy

October 14, 2017 - October 14, 2016

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Promoting excellence in advocacy is one of SAHCA's aims enshrined in the constitution. SAHCA's 2017 annual conference will provide master classes in different aspects of advocacy relevant to all advocates no matter which court is being addressed. The conference will hear from a number of Judges who were solicitor advocates as well as advocacy trainers and a voice coach with more speakers to be added.

Masterclasses in advocacy including:

  • Case theory
  • Impeachment in cross examination
  • Vulnerable witnesses
  • Expert Witnesses
  • What Judges want to hear
  • Voice coaching
  • Psychology in the courtroom

Speakers include:  HHJ Middleton-Roy,  HHJ Cooper, HHJ Bennett,  Leslie Cuthbert, Sylvia Cohen and Sophie Khan